Academic Writing: An Essay on Alexander Calder

For this project, I was tasked with assisting a client in the production of an academic article about the famous visual artist Alexander Calder. The client specifically required assistance with organizing their voluminous thoughts and notes into a cogent, concise and logical academic article. In order to accomplish this I suggested that we break the project down into two distinct phases.

In the first, I assisted the client by reading their notes, outline and a rough draft of the final work. After doing so, I provided the client with an assessment of what I interpreted their argument to be and suggested ways in which they should organize their disparate thoughts and arguments into an incremental and air-tight argument. After providing this assessment to the client, we remained in touch while the client worked on putting together a final draft of the article.

The initial round of edits provided for the rough draft.

The initial round of edits provided for the rough draft.

In the second phase, the client provided me with a complete draft of their article which I both edited and critiqued. While providing necessary edits for parts of the draft that were rock-solid, I also suggested places where the client could further expand upon their thinking or underscore their article’s thesis. After this initial edit was completed, I gave the finished product one more read-through to check for nitty-gritty errors and omissions.

In the end, the client was immensely satisfied with my work, remarking, “Scott is a pleasure to work with, provided excellent editorial feedback with insightful analysis of structure, form, content and organization. Meticulous, and great sense of humor. Would work with him again and recommend him to others.” I enjoyed working with this client as well, and found the project as rewarding as it was fascinating and enlightening.