Content Writing: Mad Libs

This project was extremely unique and very fun, although it presented a variety of challenges as I worked through it. The client tasked me with producing 200 ten-sentence mad-lib-like short stories across a variety of different genres in the span of 3 weeks. Due to a non-disclosure agreement that I signed with the client, I am unable to provide any examples of this work. However, I thought it might be useful to discuss the process by which I completed the project.


Handwritten notes for 200 mad-lib-like stories.

When I first began, I attempted to write each of the stories one by one. Although this proved sufficient to start out, I found after a time that I was frequently stalling while trying to develop new premises for each successive story. Identifying this as a potential hurdle to completing the project on schedule, I quickly adapted to a new process for creating the stories. Instead of trying to write each successive one from scratch on a blank computer screen, I wrote out pages of notes with quick ideas to work from. With a roadmap for where I would be going, the process of writing the stories became effortless and I found I had more time available to double- and triple-check my work.

In the end, I was able to deliver 200 unique, original and fun mad-lib-like stories that the client was extremely pleased with. In their feedback, the client noted that: “[Scott] does his work on time and is very inquisitive about projects, so as to deliver quality driven and precise work.” I had a lot of fun working on this one, and I’d love to participate in a similar project again.