Professional Experience: Marketing Assistant for Job Target

A flyer produced for distribution by Job Target at the Spring 2010 ERE Conference.

A flyer that I produced for Job Target that was distributed at the Spring 2010 ERE Conference.

For a brief period in 2010, I worked as a Marketing Assistant for Job Target ( based in New London, CT. In a nutshell, the company provided a web-based software platform with which various companies and trade organizations could establish their own online job boards.

At the time that I was hired, the company was rolling out a new analytics package (OneClick Analytics) that would allow its customers and clients to track and refine their recruiting strategies. As part of the product rollout, I was tasked with producing copy for press releases, advertisements, and flyers that would be distributed at the spring ERE Conference. For these marketing materials, I developed the idea of inviting prospective clients to participate in the “Science of Recruitmentology”–a term inspired by NCAA March Madness “Bracketology”–and broke down the product’s offerings into an easy-to-digest 4-step system. You can take a look at flyer by clicking here.

In addition such projects, I also produced the copy for monthly e-newsletters, as well as crafted and disseminated press releases. At the time I was employed at Job Target, that company was experimenting with different ways to grow, and unfortunately they determined that having a Marketing Assistant on staff was more of a luxury than a necessity. Regardless, I remain immensely grateful for the experience I gained there and proud of what I accomplished.