Novel Editing: Penny and Amber

Among the many projects that I’ve taken on this year, this one was, without a doubt, the most challenging. The client sought my services in providing a final proofread of their novel-length manuscript Penny & Amber. After accepting the project, I soon discovered that the manuscript had been produced by multiple authors, at least one of whom was a non-native English speaker/writer. As such, in addition to routine grammatical and syntactical errors, there were also jarring shifts in tense, tone and voice that needed to be addressed.

An example of the heavy editing provided for "Penny & Amber"

An example of the heavy editing provided for “Penny & Amber” while in process.

With a week to complete the edits for this 60,000 word manuscript, I dove in headfirst and worked line-by-line to pull the manuscript together. In doing so, I made not only corrections to grammar and word choice, but also to a great deal of the content. Although the time and budget allotted for the project did not allow me to truly hone the text, I was able, through my diligence, to create a consistent narrative voice and flow for which the client was extremely grateful.

Currently, the book is available for purchase on Amazon. If you’d like to have a look at the finished product, it can be found here.