Content Writing

Content Writing: Whiskey and Cigars

A how-to article on enjoying  cigars and whiskey like a high roller.

A how-to article on enjoying cigars and whiskey like a high roller.

This was a quick and fun project. The client needed a 500+ word article written on whiskey and cigars from a “high-roller’s perspective.” To accomplish this, I crafted an article the explored the finer points of choosing the correct cigar and the correct whiskey to complement one another. While I’m certainly not a “high roller” myself, I wrote the article’s content with a self-assured and subdued wit in order to appeal to both high rollers themselves and those who want to be like them. After all, with the right know-how, can’t we all enjoy the finer things in life as much as the rich and famous?

As you might expect, the content has been published under another’s name and slightly altered from the finished copy that I produced. If you’d like to take a look at the end result, you can find it here.


Content Writing: Mad Libs

This project was extremely unique and very fun, although it presented a variety of challenges as I worked through it. The client tasked me with producing 200 ten-sentence mad-lib-like short stories across a variety of different genres in the span of 3 weeks. Due to a non-disclosure agreement that I signed with the client, I am unable to provide any examples of this work. However, I thought it might be useful to discuss the process by which I completed the project.


Handwritten notes for 200 mad-lib-like stories.

When I first began, I attempted to write each of the stories one by one. Although this proved sufficient to start out, I found after a time that I was frequently stalling while trying to develop new premises for each successive story. Identifying this as a potential hurdle to completing the project on schedule, I quickly adapted to a new process for creating the stories. Instead of trying to write each successive one from scratch on a blank computer screen, I wrote out pages of notes with quick ideas to work from. With a roadmap for where I would be going, the process of writing the stories became effortless and I found I had more time available to double- and triple-check my work.

In the end, I was able to deliver 200 unique, original and fun mad-lib-like stories that the client was extremely pleased with. In their feedback, the client noted that: “[Scott] does his work on time and is very inquisitive about projects, so as to deliver quality driven and precise work.” I had a lot of fun working on this one, and I’d love to participate in a similar project again.